Substitute natural gas - TREMP™

Topsoe's TREMP™ technology

Topsoe's Recycle Methanation Process - TREMP™ - constitutes an important step in the production of substitute natural gas (SNG) from carbonaceous feedstocks such as coal, petcoke and biomass.

In the methanation process carbon oxides react with hydrogen to form methane - ie substitute natural gas. The methanation process is highly exothermic and therefore an efficient heat recovery scheme is essential to process economy.

TREMP™ features

Topsoe's TREMP™ technology ensures an efficient heat recovery and thereby improves plant efficiency. The TREMP™ process offers a number of features:

  • recovery of reaction heat in the form of high pressure superheated steam to be used directly in a steam turbine 
  • low recycle ratio leads to energy savings 
  • reduced gas flow means lower equipment cost

TREMP™ is based on the unique Topsoe MCR methanation catalyst portfolio, which has high and stable activity in temperatures ranging from 250ºC to 700ºC.

The TREMP™ technology produces a natural gas compatible with pipeline specifications, ensuring easy distribution of the product.

TREMP™ - a flexible solution

Our TREMP™ technology can be tailor-made to fit our clients' requirements for co-production of several end products, such as power, ammonia, hydrogen and methanol. The TREMP™ process is applicable with any gasification technology, thus ensuring full flexibility according to clients' needs.

The TREMP™ technology offers second to none energy efficiency. 

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