LEAP5™ catalysts

VK-701 LEAP5™ catalyst features

The major leap in activity for VK-701 LEAP5™ is primarily due to high fraction of vanadium in the active oxidation state V5+. At operating conditions several vanadium species are present; but only oxidation state V5+ is active in the catalytic cycle. The high V5+ level in VK-701 LEAP5™ has been brought about through physical as well as chemical changes compared to Topsøe’s existing catalysts.

  • VK-701 LEAP5™ combines increased vanadium content with a composition of the active phase tailored for high concentrations of SO3 i.e. converted strong gas.
  • A revolutionary change in the intrinsic morphology and surface properties of the catalytic support has been obtained through introduction of a new and unique production technology.

VK-701 LEAP5™ benefits

The increased content of vanadium in oxidation state V5+ results in a superior activity for VK-701 LEAP5™ compared to VK48 and VK59 throughout the entire temperature range. VK-701 LEAP5™ is offered in Topsøe’s standard 12 mm Daisy shape to secure low pressure drop.

The high activity offered by VK-701 LEAP5™ presents new conversion opportunities for any single- and double-absorption plants:

Single absorption plants

  • reduce SO2 emissions by up to 40% by loading VK-701 LEAP5™ in the final pass

Double absorption plants

  • cut SO2 emissions up to 40% in 3+1 plants operating with VK69 by replacing the third pass with VK-701 LEAP5™
  • achieve as low as 50 ppm SO2 emission from existing 3+1 plants
  • design new plants with as little as 20-50 ppm SO2 emission

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VK-701 LEAP5 - Magnifying performance
VK-701 LEAP5 - Magnifying performance (0 MB)
Meeting future SO2 emission challenges with Topsøe’s new VK-701 LEAP5™ sulphuric acid catalyst
Meeting future SO2 emission challenges with Topsøe’s new VK-701 LEAP5™ sulphuric acid catalyst (832 KB)