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Making optimal performance possible

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Haldor Topsoe is a world leader in catalysis and surface science. We are committed to helping our customers achieve optimal performance.

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We enable our customers to get the most out of their processes and products, using the least possible energy and resources, in the most responsible way.

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This focus on our customers' performance, backed by our reputation for reliability, makes sure we add the most value to our customers and the world.

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Optimal means the best possible for our customers

We constantly ask: Where can our scientific capabilities have the greatest impact?

How can we contribute to a more prosperous and sustainable future for both our customers and their communities?

After more than 70 years of providing the most advanced, reliable and economically advantageous solutions available, the answer remains the same: by continuing to make optimal performance possible for our customers.

By optimal we mean the best possible, and with the best possible performance our customers can improve everything else, from better business to a better world.

Why optimal ?

“Making optimal performance possible for our customers is our way of making a positive impact on the world.”

Creating the most value – both short and long term

Some customers need to increase capacity or yield in order to seize market opportunities. Others need to improve energy efficiency or runtime to reduce costs. Most need to reduce waste or emissions to adapt to regulatory changes.

By making optimal performance possible we ensure our customers shouldn’t have to compromise, enabling them to get the most out of their processes and products, using the least possible energy and resources, in the most responsible way.

Maximizing the GOOD activity
carbon efficiency
cost efficiency
cycle length
energy efficiency
energy flexibility
feedstock flexibility
fuel economy
onstream factor
plant efficiency
product properties
production level
production rate
yield structure
Minimizing the BAD capital cost
energy consumption
environmental impact
operating cost
pressure drop
production cost
start-up time
steam consumption
total cost of ownership

What is performance?

“ Our customers are under constant pressure to get more from less - even the smallest improvements in performance can add up to something really significant ”

Making the impossible possible – every day

No matter if making the next improvement requires revolution or evolution, we can always find ways to make our customers’ processes and products perform better.

Achieving the best possible performance on all fronts is a dynamic challenge where the parameters and possibilities change every day.

Our scientists and engineers are experienced in realizing the potential at both a molecular and mass production level.

We stay on the cutting edge, pushing the limits of science and engineering, so we can do the things others say can’t be done, day after day.

How we make the impossible possible
Deeper understanding
so we can see the possibilities
Wider exploration to determine
the path with the greatest potential
Superior implementation
so we can realize the value

How do we make it possible?

“There’s always a better way to do things. If it’s not scientifically proven that something can’t be improved, we believe it can.”

The synergy of science and engineering

We are pioneers in surface science and experts at delivering its benefits through engineering. We excel at ensuring breakthroughs that work at Nano scale in the lab also work at industrial scale for our customers. This integration of science and engineering enables us to help our customers take full control of the chemical, physical and kinetic variables affecting the performance of their processes and products.

We look at performance from all angles, designing tailor-made processes, proprietary equipment and high performance catalysts that work together to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Backed by our experienced technicians and R&D capabilities, we consistently deliver levels of performance nobody else can.

An integrated approach to optimizing performance
Process design, engineering
and licensing
Business and
technical services
Backed by cutting-edge applied science

Why science and engineering?

“Solutions that are designed to work together, simply work better.”

Helping industries move forward

Many industries around the world use our processes, equipment, catalysts and expertise to drive progress, and find solutions to the enormous challenges society is facing.

We are helping the chemical industry create some of the world’s most important chemical building blocks from alternative feed stocks while reducing energy consumption and pollution. We are helping the refining industry meet the increasing demand for cleaner fuels and more cost-efficient and environmentally sound operations. We are helping power companies and truck manufacturers reduce air pollution while also saving fuel.

We work hard with customers in each industry, at the molecular and plant level, to find ways to help them move forward.

Industries we work with Ammonia
Bio Fuels
Coke & Coal
Energy & Power
Mining & Smelting
Oil & Gas
Paper & Printing
Polymers & Plastics
Renewable Energy
Shale Gas
Shale Oil
Ships & Marine
Sulfuric Acid
Trains & Locomotives
Trucks & Off Road Vehicles
Waste Disposal

What does this mean for industry?

“From evaluating the feasibility of a new plant or product, to getting it built - running - and keeping it running, we make a real difference for our customers.”

The best processes are at the heart of performance

We design, engineer and license a broad range of processes across an even broader range of applications.

These processes are designed to turn a variety of resources, including waste, into important, valuable products, safely and efficiently.

Our processes are always designed to get the most out of the least, ensuring everything that can be reused is reused.

To ensure they perform as guaranteed, we also supply the proprietary equipment and the high-performance catalysts they require to perform optimally, designed specifically to each process and application.

Processes we design, engineer and license Chemical Processing

Gasoline Synthesis
Dimethyl Ether
Sulfuric Acid

Emissions Management

Sulfur Removal
NOx & CO Removal
VOC Abatement
Particulate Filtration

Why are processes so important?

“With over 150 different catalysts, and the capability to design and manufacture bespoke catalysts and equipment for specific tasks, each process is guaranteed to perform optimally. ”

Helping create the products of tomorrow

In addition to process-based industries, we work with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers to develop and produce products that set new levels of performance.

From automotive catalysts with higher efficiency, to batteries with greater power, we approach each product as an opportunity for a breakthrough.

At any point in time we are typically working on approximately 70 such projects in various stages of development, from research, analysis and design to testing and commercialization.

As we continue to work on next-generation products, we will expand into new areas, working where we can make things better, safer and cleaner, because we know it will generate value for customers and society for decades to come.

How do we ensure progress?

“It’s exciting to be exploring new technologies with the potential to solve global challenges - and create a better future for everyone.”

Services that make a real difference

Although we are widely recognized for the quality and technical superiority of the processes, equipment and catalysts we provide, it is our expertise in helping customers get the optimal performance out of them that sets us apart.

From evaluating the feasibility of a new plant or product, to designing it, getting it built and running optimally, our people make the difference.

Combining deep scientific and engineering capabilities, with many years of hands-on experience, the earlier we are involved in a project or specific challenge, the greater our impact on performance will be.

Building new plants Optimizing existing plants
Services we provide Project Feasibility & Evaluation
Plant Feasibility & Design
Plant & Process Engineering
Process Licensing
Feed Analysis & Testing
Technical Advice
Procurement Services
Project Investment & Financing
Plant & Process Construction Support
Equipment Installation Support
Mechanical & Instrument Services
Catalyst Selection
Catalyst Testing
Plant Start-up & Testing
Catalyst Loading & Activation
Technical Support & Troubleshooting
Technical Service & Maintenance
Feed Testing & Performance Analysis
Plant & Process Performance Evaluation
Performance Optimization
Catalyst Management
Catalyst Testing & Lifetime Prediction
Catalyst Regeneration
Catalyst Refreshment & Rejuvenation
Operator Training & Certification
Technical & Plant Manager Training
Third Party Training & Certification
Plant & Process Upgrading
Plant Operation & Maintenance

What else makes a difference?

“By combining our scientific and engineering expertise we can solve even the toughest problems and create results that nobody else can.”

The spirit lives on in all of us

Dr. Haldor Topsoe, our founder, had an infectious passion for science and determination to prove that it could make a difference, for customers and the world.

We follow in his footsteps, excited about the potential of what we do, challenging each other to take it further every day. We take a very personal approach to even the most challenging situations, listening to our customer’s needs, and looking to build long-term relationships based on open dialogue and mutual benefit. We work hard, standing strong in the face of uncertainty, and follow through until we achieve what we set out to do.

Where does our drive come from?

“Driven by our passion for science, we contribute to a profitable and sustainable future for our customers, their businesses, and their communities.”
Dr. Haldor Topsoe

Where can you find us?

Working together for optimal performance

Optimal performance is built on personal relationships. With each successful project and delivery, these relationships get stronger. No matter where you are in the world, when you forge a relationship with us, you can be guaranteed you will meet scientific and engineering experts who are passionate about your business and challenges. With our wide network of sales and service locations, we can make optimal performance possible for customers all over the world.