Global Environmental Policy

Global Environmental Policy

At Topsoe, we provide solutions for our customers that contribute to a sustainable future for the world. At the same time, we are committed to ensuring that our own environmental impacts are continually reduced and always kept within the limits of applicable regulations. We conduct our daily operations in an environmentally sound way by ensuring safe handling of the chemicals we work with, by reducing waste & emissions and by using resources and energy in the most efficient way possible.
We strive to minimize our environmental impacts across our entire value chain, from product development to delivery to our customers, and we do so by continually evaluating whether the materials and processes we use could constitute a potential risk to the environment.

This policy is aligned with our Sustainability Policy.

Our commitments

  • We comply with all applicable legal requirements and regulations as well as other compliance obligations Topsoe has committed to * – and we always strive to exceed these wherever possible
  • We set objectives and targets to continuously improve both our systematic approach and actual impact. Our efforts are focused on our significant environmental impacts and areas where we can create most value for the environment
  • We continually assess and evaluate the potential environmental impacts from our processes, raw materials and additives
  • We protect the environment by controlling and monitoring emissions at our operational sites
  • We train our employees to ensure they have sufficient competence to perform their work in an environmentally sound way and we encourage a culture of shared responsibility
  • We encourage an open dialogue with employees, authorities, customers, neighbors, and other stakeholders and provide them with useful information about environmental aspects and impacts in relation to our activities

    * Local differences apply i.e. ISO standard 45001, Responsible Care® 14001