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Global Health and Safety Policy

Global Health and Safety Policy

In Topsoe we are committed to keeping our employees safe and healthy by eliminating risks and accidents, and we take care of their daily and long term well-being by caring for their physical and mental health. Caring for people is an integral part of our DNA and it is part of what makes Topsoe a good place to work and have worked.

We have an ambition to eliminate Lost Time Accidents by continuously working with our safety culture and continuously improving our working environment. Our focal point is to make safety everybody’s matter and stimulate our colleague’s attitude towards safety. All Topsoe employees have the obligation to take action if they encounter risks or threats, and they have full backing from the management to do so. No other task is important enough to allow any form of safety breach.

We also have an ambition to develop and ensure a tolerant, respectful, well-balanced and healthy working environment. We work hard to provide surroundings, tools and support that will positively impact our colleagues’ physical and mental health in order to increase employee well-being and prevent work-related illness.

Our commitment, we…
  • engage health and safety as a natural and integrated part of our work
  • work continuously to avoid all work related accidents
  • care for our employees to thrive, be motivated and have good work life balance
  • continuously improve our overall health and safety performance by setting ambitious goals
  • focus on eliminating risks and hazards by regular mapping, identification and assessment
  • educate and train our employees in health and safety awareness
  • keep our travelling employees safe while away from home
  • substitute hazardous chemicals whenever possible, in order to protect employees, customers and neighbors
  • involve our employees in health and safety issues and expect them to act responsibly 
  • expect all our leaders to be role models and take active part in maintaining a good health and safety culture in Topsoe
  • empower our employees to intervene and address if they encounter an unsafe or unhealthy situation
  • work with the Topsoe standards and continuously strive to develop and improve our standards
  • ensure well-functioning emergency preparedness and ability to handle crisis, should they occur
  • act in accordance with the present health and safety legislation and regulation in the countries and regions where we operate