Topsoe Plant Manager
Game guide - How to play

Try your hand at managing an ammonia plant available in App Store and Google Play


When starting the game you will find yourself in a control room on site where a service manager will give you a welcome speech, and a safety manager will give you an on-site safety instruction. Pay close attention to the information they give you, as you are going to use it later in the game. 


Click on the Plant overview flow sheet screen to get to the ammonia plant with nine reactors. Select a reactor by clicking on it.


In the box next to the reactor you can read about the function of the reactor and the catalytic reactions taking place.


This information can help you select the right catalyst. 

Select the catalyst you think is right for the reaction and drag and drop it into the reactor. You can read about the various catalyst types by clicking on them. 


When you have selected a catalyst and the reactor is full, the color of the reactor will change from blue to pink. There can be more layers in each reactor, and all need to be filled up. 

After selection of catalysts for each reactor you are asked to select which safety equipment to wear. Put a tick on the equipment. 


When you have filled all reactors, you go back to the control room and press the “Start plant” bottom. The gas will run through the reactors where the catalysts are correct. 


The score is calculated based on selection of catalyst, safety awareness, and time consumption.