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June 6, 2019

How to avoid problems in your plant's operation with connected services?

Digitalization is on everybody’s lips these days and many companies are thinking what their digital strategy should be for the coming years. This is equally valid for both Topsoe and our customers. It can be quite overwhelming to get a clear overview of the possibilities and sort out between real offerings and futuristic promises. What is relevant to my business? What can create actual value at this point?

In this time of transformation, we believe it’s important to bring a very concrete solution to the table that is based on proven technology and combines decades of experience with modern solutions. And maybe most importantly, solves your problems right here, right now.

And that’s what our connected services technology, or ClearView™, does.

How it works

To put it shortly, ClearView™ gathers operating data from your plant, cleanses the data, and applies Topsoe proprietary process simulations tools to evaluate and optimize the plant’s current operation. The software displays whenever there is a gap between the current level for a given operating variable and the optimal setting for such variable. The performance-enhancing insights are then delivered to your plant operators.

ClearView™ supports your engineers

ClearView™ provides your plant engineers with continuous proactive support from Topsoe experts.

Avoid problems and downtime

But it’s not only plant optimization. Thanks to the power of connected services, you can avoid costly downtime because you’re able to detect and solve issues before they become critical.

A number of incidents can happen based on the process conditions in your plant and short-term health monitoring is all about detecting critical process conditions before it’s too late. For example, steam can condensate on the low temperature shift catalyst and break the catalyst if the inlet temperature is too low. ClearView™ continuously monitors such potentially critical parameters and prompts a warning before the problem develops.

The software also monitors parameters which can change slowly over time, such as catalyst activities, fouling factors in equipment, or build-up of pressure drop. If such a parameter is beginning to degrade faster than expected, then ClearView™ will flag it. You’ll also get a recommendation on what to do and information on possible root causes.

Not just a software

But ClearView™ is not just a piece of software. A very important part of the solution is the continuous proactive support from Topsoe experts, as our Tech Service engineers follow your plant performance and engage with plant engineers on how to operate the plant is the most optimal and reliable way. With ClearView™, we literally put our decades of experience at your fingertips.

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