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Quality policy for Topsoe’s plant in Frederikssund, Denmark

At the plant, we primarily produce catalysts and, to a lesser extent, battery material. Furthermore, a by-product is produced that is used for fertilizer.

Our products help to ensure the world's population with an adequate supply of food and energy, as well as reduce pollution. We follow Haldor Topsoe's vision to be leading within the production of technology to reduce the global CO2 footprint by 2024. To realize this vision, Topsoe’s senior leadership team has identified a set of critical behaviors with all Topsoe employees, one of them being:

“I relentlessly drive to make things better”
I continuously focus on optimizing processes in order to drive improvements in safety, quality, productivity, timeliness and cost.

We supply the products with a uniform quality level that corresponds to the demand of our customers and the market. To achieve this, we have several processes that are maintained in our integrated management system that meet the requirements of ISO-9001:2015.

Through the processes, we ensure that Topsøe:

  • know the customers' technical and commercial needs
  • have the necessary delivery security
  • produce in an efficient way
  • know customer requirements and other relevant requirements from stakeholders
  • work systematically with setting and achieving quality objectives
  • keep a focus on customer needs and evaluates how well we hit customer satisfaction
  • constantly improve our management system to meet customer and stakeholder requirements, as well as the company's tasks and strategic direction
  • evaluate and discuss the efficiency of the system
  • involve employees at all levels
  • have well defined and monitored objectives throughout the organization supporting development
We commit ourselves to this policy, to satisfying requirements and to improving the quality management system.