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Tubular reforming catalyst

A non-alkali pre-reduced catalyst for steam reforming.


R-67R-7H is used in tubular reformers for steam reforming of light feedstocks such as natural gas. For reforming of feedstocks ranging from heavy natural gas to LPG and for operation under high heat flux conditions such as in top-fired steam reformers TOPSOE™’s series of alkali-promoted catalysts are used.

Pre-reduced, high-activity and fast start-up

R-67R-7H is pre-reduced and used as top layer in the reformer tubes in combination with R-67-7H or TOPSOE™’s series of low alkali promoted catalysts. By using the R-67R-7H in the top of the tubes, the reforming process is initiated immediately when exposed to process gas. The hydrogen generated in the top layer rapidly activates the catalyst in the lower part of the tube, and this easy activation greatly minimizes the start-up time. The pre-reduced R-67R-7H is particularly well suited for the lower inlet temperatures of the reforming furnace due to a special manufacturing technique. An additional advantage of R-67R-7H is the reduction of the catalyst at TOPSOE™’s production facilities in dry hydrogen at an optimal temperature, which results in higher activity than what could be obtained by in-situ reduction.