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December 14, 2016

New catalyst increase competition in FCC gasoline post-treatment

New catalyst increase competition in FCC gasoline post-treatment

With only two well-established competing products on the global market, Haldor Topsoe’s HyOctaneTM now gives refiners a wider range of options for their next catalyst replacement in their FCC gasoline post-treatment unit. The new catalyst series is industrially proven to provide ultra-low levels of sulfur, while keeping octane numbers high.

As sulfur regulations tighten, refiners find it increasingly difficult to meet specifications from their FCC gasoline post-treatment units. Particularly the octane number suffers because of the necessary sulfur removal. Haldor Topsoe’s HyOctaneTM catalyst series are specifically developed to solve this problem and now challenges the existing FCC gasoline post-treatment catalyst series in the global market.

The optimized activity and selectivity of the new catalysts have been proven in independent testing and also in real-life production.

“We are happy to offer customers more choice. The three brand new HyOctaneTM catalysts include solutions for all steps in the process and squeeze more value out of any FCC gasoline post-treatment unit. Independent testing has shown that HyOctaneTM deliver high HDS activity and low octane losses that can compete with any other catalyst on the market today,” says Claus Brostrøm Nielsen, Product Manager, Haldor Topsøe.

Customers can use the advantages of the HyOctaneTM catalyst series to reach their specific goals in FCC gasoline post-treatment. The high activity allows for cycle lengths up to six months longer because the catalysts deliver superior sulfur removal at lower temperatures. Alternatively, refiners can utilize the high activity to increase throughput or process feed stocks containing more sulfur.

Watch the video on HyOctaneTM to learn more:


Squeeze more value out of your FCC gasoline

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