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Topsoe Bayonet Reformer (TBR)

The Topsoe Bayonet Reformer TBR combines the novel properties of convection and radiant heat transfer in one steam reformer.

The development and introduction of the TBR is a result of Topsoe’s continuous striving towards more energy efficient ways of producing hydrogen by steam reforming of hydrocarbon feed stocks.

  • TBR consists of bayonet reformer tubes in a furnace box heated by radiant wall burners
  • TBR provides hydrogen production with minimum hydrocarbon consumption and low steam export
  • TBR is environmental friendly with low fuel consumption, low NOx and CO2 emissions
  • Improved heat utilization in the TBR, significantly reduces the amount of burners, while maintaining the unique possibility of adjusting the tube temperature profile
  • TBR operates at high heat fluxes providing capital cost savings for medium to large hydrogen plants

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Used in process

Dimethyl ether Methanol Ammonia Formaldehyde Hydrogen Syngas

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