Sampling & Analysis

Expertly conducted sampling and analysis can help you uncover hidden potential for performance improvements. Topsoe’s Sampling & Analysis training course will help you maximize the value of your sampling and analysis work.

Our flexible, tailored Sampling & Analysis course options will help explain when, why and how to take samples and perform analyses for maximum effect. As with all Topsoe technical training, this course leverage our unique position as both catalyst supplier and technology licensor to give you efficiency-boosting insight you won’t find anywhere else.

What does Sampling & Analysis training cover?

A Topsoe Sampling & Analysis course can range from a brief appetizer session that helps you understand the benefits of expert sample collection and analysis to an extensive 2-day workshop, including certification on understanding sampling methodology and commonly applied analytical methods, in particularly Gas Chromatography (GC).

A course can give you:

  • Recommendations on best practices for sampling solids, liquids and gasses
  • Understanding of how to ensure reliable analysis results and minimize contamination risks
  • In-depth understanding of the analytical methods most relevant for your plant
  • Practical exercises in lab, bringing the theory of GC into daily working routines