Steam Reformer Assessment / Optimization

If your plant is serious about best-in-class performance, you’ll need to be able to evaluate and improve the performance of your steam reformer. A Topsoe Steam Reformer Assessment/Optimization training course teaches you how to perform a “health check” that will help you keep your reformer performing at its best.

Condensing Topsoe’s vast experience in steam reformer design and operation into concise, to-the-point learnings, our flexible, tailored Steam Reformer Assessment/Optimization course will give you the theoretical understanding and practical skills you need to keep your steam reformer meeting performance targets. As with all Topsoe technical training, these courses leverage our unique position as both catalyst supplier and technology licensor to give you efficiency-boosting insight you won’t find anywhere else.

What does Steam Reformer Assessment/Optimization training cover?

A Topsoe Steam Reformer Assessment/Optimization course can range from a brief appetizer session that helps you understand the importance of performing regular reformer health checks to an extensive 2-day workshop, including certification, on how to optimize the performance of your steam reformer.

A training course can give you:

  • Step-by-step guidance in measuring and correcting TWT
  • The tools and knowledge you need to perform a steam reformer “health check”
  • Knowledge of how to improve steam reformer operation, tube lifetimes and conversion rates
  • Understanding of problems that can arise during operation, including their causes, their potential consequences and corrective actions you can take to prevent or solve them
  • A workshop on how to optimize your steam reformer’s performance and how this can affect production rates and tube lifetimes

Used in process

Methanol Ammonia Hydrogen Syngas Renewables

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