Topsoe Plant Manager

Try your hand at managing an ammonia plant available in App Store and Google Play

A virtual ammonia plant game

Available for iPad/iPhone and Android device


tpmicon100Topsoe Plant Manager is virtual ammonia plant simulation game. It is all about making smart choices that keep ammonia production high and downtime low – while never compromising on safety. To win, you have to solve the triple challenge of:

  • Choosing the right catalyst for the job
  • Keeping downtime to a minimum
  • Staying safe!

The player with the highest score wins – and you’ll find an updated list of top scorers in the game under the menu high score. 

Choose the right catalyst

For each reactor in the plant, you’ll find a number of catalysts to choose from. Some catalysts are perfect for the job, some will do but are not ideal, and some won’t work at all. Select the catalyst and drag and drop it into the reactor. To improve your chances of choosing right, go to the Q&A section under each reactor and carefully read the introductions to each reactor.

Don’t waste time

In ammonia production, time is money, and every minute you spend loading a catalyst is downtime – and lost revenue. So you’ll need to work quickly, but accurately and safely to get a high score. Reading the introductions will help you make smart choices faster.

Safety equipment selection

Safety comes first, so for every catalyst you load, you’ll also have to select the right safety equipment. If you get safety right, you’ll end up with a more efficient plant – and a higher score in the game!