Industrial PhD

Would you like be part of the green energy transition and play a significant role in our Power-to-X mission? 

We are looking for an enthusiastic industrial PhD candidate to join our dedicated team of highly skilled colleagues working on providing world class solid oxide electrolysis cells, stacks, and systems for production of green fuels.

You will be part of our Power-to-X Department and work on a PhD project jointly in the SOEC Performance group at Topsoe and the Department of Chemical Engineering at Technical University of Denmark.

What is the job about?

Production of green hydrogen is crucial for the green transition and tremendous scale up of electrolysis capacity is required both nationally and internationally. To reach the required long-term durability for the SOEC technology, cleaning of the inlet steam stream will be needed, and no such gas cleaning systems optimized for SOEC applications exist at present. The industrial PhD project therefore have the overall objective to develop a new cost-competitive gas phase impurity getter material optimized for the inlet gas streams for industrial scale electrolysis applying solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOEC), stacks and system.

The project will include investigation of state-of-the-art (SoA) commercially available gas cleaning systems as a step-stone for the new gas cleaning materials development; fundamental studies of reaction mechanism and surface chemistry and design of a reactor bed that ensures continuous operation of the SOEC system to reach the objective of the new SOEC-optimized impurity getter solution.

To reach the objective of this PhD project we expect the project will include work on gas analysis, reaction mechanisms, surface chemistry, micro/nano-structure characterization, electrochemical performance characterization etc.

You will be involved in our research and development projects involving electrochemical performance of solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOEC) and stacks, at the test center in the Power-to-X Department at Topsoe, and your project will be in close cooperation with Department of Chemical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark.

The ideal candidate has

  • experience with gas analysis 
  • experience with kinetics and thermodynamics of gas-solid reactions
  • experience with synthesis of nano-structured materials
  • experience with design and operation of reactor beds (lab scale)
  • in general, has hands-on experience/lab experience with different characterization techniques.
  • experience in using Python for data analysis and representations
  • experience with electrochemical characterization.


  • have the ability to work independently and systematically as well as in interdisciplinary teams
  • are proactively engaging in continuous development to improve methodology, efficiency, and measurement accuracy etc.
  • are reliable and delivers quality output on time
  • have good oral and written communication skills
  • have the ability to be part of a dynamical multi-disciplinary group and to network both with colleagues and project partners.

Your qualifications:
We expect that you have an MSc in materials science, chemistry, physics/nano-technology, or chemical engineering and have hands-on/lab experience (preferably from a research lab) and the results from your MSc degree have to fulfill the requirement for enrollment as a PhD candidate at the Technical University of Denmark.

We look forward to your motivated application
Reach out to Senior Group Manager Anne Hauch ( or Professor Anker Degn Jensen ( if you want to know more about the position.

If you would like to be part of a team of skilled and professional colleagues in an informal organization, please submit your application and resume in English and enclose a copy of your references through our website

Application deadline 
December 12th, 2022. 
Expected starting date February 1st 2023

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