Data Engineer to deliver analytics platform for R&D

Topsoe is on a mission to save the planet – by becoming world leaders in Carbon emission reduction technologies. We deliver cutting edge research and new technologies that facilitate the global transition to green technologies. Topsoe technologies have the potential to make a huge impact from Battery materials over Renewable Diesel and Aviation fuels to Green Hydrogen and Green ammonia. 

You will work directly with our R&D – Chemical engineers, Process Engineers, Material Scientists – to apply a modern Data Management toolchain to both visualize and analyze data to form strong data driven decisions. Our vision is to deliver an analytical platform where Scientists can pull data and apply statistical analysis and machine learning tools with low friction.

We want to deliver direct value to research projects, showcasing the benefit to the organization while gradually growing the capabilities of the platform by removing friction and allowing more advanced and rapidly done analysis.  

The short-term goals are to show the value of digitalization and analytical platforms by delivering on concrete activities – such as dashboards, data pipelines, statistical data analysis, machine learning, automations and similar. Our long-term goal is however to grow the R&D organizations capabilities to be proficient in the toolchain and data science needed for the day-to-day data driven decisions within the research projects. 

The job is newly established but in an already running core group of Data Engineers and Data Scientists, and the daily activities will occur in very close cooperation with IT Operations and Scientists – and you will have big impact on your direct activities. 

 Your responsibilities

  • Together with R&D Scientists – build and deliver end-to-end data pipelines
  • Build and maintain data pipelines and integrations to lab instruments 
  • Integrate new data sources into the platform
  • Train and showcase use of the platform to the scientists
  • Implement new data acquisition methods and automation tools
  • Ensure that IT infrastructure, tools, and procedures are available to facilitate efficient execution of the digitalization roadmap and empowerment of end-users.


  • have experience with working in a Scientific environment where “Fast beats Pretty” but “Correct beats Fast”
  • have a passion for working with highly specialized people
  • are solution oriented, efficient, and structured
  • are curious and willing to challenge the status quo 
  • are motivated by innovation and knowledge-sharing
  • drive results and lead complex projects with multiple stakeholders in a multi-cultural environment
  • have a strong sense of issue ownership and business accountability
  • enjoy working in an organization undergoing rapid transformational change. 


  • You hold a relevant academic degree such as M.Sc. or Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, Computer/Data Science, Data Engineering, Bioinformatics, Physics/Chemical engineering or equivalent 
  • Strong experience in data cleaning, data wrangling – ETL pipelining and similar data processing disciplines. 
  • Possess core competencies in managing data infrastructure on a Linux, Open Source, Python platform. Technologies used: Ubuntu, Python, Jupyter, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Docker, Ansible, KVM/Qemu, Slurm, Active Directory – using a DevOps mindset – Not required to know them – but a desire to understand or work with the toolbox is desired. 
  • Strong experience with programming, specifically Python or R, but an understanding of Fortran, Matlab or other programming languages is seen as a plus. 
  • You have excellent communication skills and are fluent in spoken and written English.

You will work closely with Data Science and Platform Data Engineering profiles we are looking for in other job posts. 

Further information
Please contact Director R&D Digitalization, Jesper Krogh or +45 2777 3240 if you want to know more about the position. 

If you would like to be part of a team of skilled and professional colleagues in an informal organization, please submit your application and resume in English and enclose a copy of your references. through our website

Screening and interviewing will happen as applications arrive, so do not hesitate to send an application today.

Application deadline 
February 1st. 2023.

Topsoe er global leder inden for udvikling af grønne energiløsninger og er stærkt engageret i at udvikle løsninger til dekarbonisering af de sektorer, der har svært ved at reducere emissionerne, herunder stål, cement, kemikalier, skibsfart og luftfart. Topsøes løsninger producerer essentielle vedvarende energibærere, brændstoffer og fremtidens kemikalier, såsom grøn brint, grøn ammoniak, eMethanol og eFuels. Virksomheden har hovedkontor i Danmark og betjener kunder over hele kloden. I 2021 var vores omsætning ca. 6,2 milliarder kroner med 2.100 ansatte.