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  • Norway: From 2020, it has been a requirement that 0.5% of all aviation fuel sold in Norway must be advanced biofuels (except for fuels sold to the Norwegian Armed Forces). The obligation is on the fuel suppliers.

  • Sweden: a greenhouse gas reduction mandate for aviation fuel sold in Sweden was introduced in 2021. It requires fuel suppliers to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the fuels by 0.8% in 2021. This gradually increases to 27% in 2030.

  • Denmark: In January 2022, the government decided that all domestic flights will need to be green by 2030 using only eJet fuel. A first milestone has been set already for one domestic flight route operating on eJet fuel in 2025.

  • United Kingdom: In July 2022, the government adopted a Jet Zero Strategy to ensure that at least 10% (around 1.5bn liters) of jet fuel will be made from sustainable sources by 2030. The British SAF mandate will operate as a GHG emission reduction scheme with tradable certificates, which will allow suppliers to meet their obligation in a flexible and cost-effective manner.