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Fasten your seatbelts. The take-off for cleaner skies starts now with our Sustainable Aviation Fuel solutions.

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Expert perspectives on Sustainable Aviation Fuel


Decarbonize. Flight by flight.

Let’s make the aviation industry cleaner and greener. And let’s start now. Because there’s no time to wait: every delay today will have consequences later, for the world and for your business.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is no longer just an idea from clever people in lab coats. It’s a must for low-carbon travel. Industry players, passengers, and the planet will all benefit from the technology.

Our range of proven technologies is ready to help you produce SAF, so you can turn your sustainable ambitions into a sustainable business. The only limit is the sky.

Ready to fast-track your production of SAF? 

Co-processing can seamlessly transition your business into the renewable era, and help you avoid major modifications to your refinery, high costs and a time-consuming process. 

Take the first step today

Minimize emissions. Maximize opportunities.

SAF is Sustainable Aviation Fuel blended with fossil-based kerosene into Jet A1 and used as jet fuel.

The CO2 emitted from conventional fossil fuels adds to the CO2 already present in the atmosphere, whereas the CO2 from renewable sources is recycled.

The Flight Plan Green initiative is designed to help businesses find low-carbon ways forward, now. With feedstock flexibility and a range of technologies to suit your needs, Topsoe will work with you to find the optimal solution for your business.


The routes to SAF

As we speak, Sustainable Aviation Fuels are the most promising pathway to decarbonization. There are seven approved routes to SAF. But at Topsoe, we’ve identified the main routes which we consider the most commercially advanced.


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Knowledge Special: SAF TALKSTM

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) continues to be recognized as a crucial solution for driving down the CO2 emissions of the aviation industry. And yet, SAF currently accounts for less than 1% of the global jet fuel consumption. 

To fuel knowledge sharing of what it'll take to scale-up SAF, we've composed a second season of SAF TalksTM filmed during our second SAF Summit in Copenhagen in November 2023.

In a total of 9 bite-sized videos, frontrunners from across the SAF value chain share their latest trends and insights. And trust us! The industry is far from being at a standstill with numerous development underway...



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