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    Integrated Sulfuric Acid Concentrator (ISAC)

    The ISAC is a small, packed column placed underneath the WSA condensers in WSA and SNOX™ plants. The purpose is to boost the acid concentration from what can be produced in the WSA condenser, e.g. 98%, to e.g. 98.5%. For special applications of sulfuric acid, a very high acid concentration is...
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    Sulfur Oxides Low VElocity filter (SOLVE)

    The SOLVE filter is a special acid mist filter with an injection of hydrogen peroxide solution that oxidizes residual SO2 to SO3. The SO3 then immediately reacts with water vapor in the gas to form sulfuric acid that is captured in the low-velocity mist filter. SOLVE filters are supplied only in...
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    Sulfuric Acid Condenser

    The WSA condenser in WSA and SNOX™ plants cools the process gas with atmospheric air, typically from 280°C to 100°C. This first makes the SO3 in the process gas react with water vapor to form the sulfuric acid vapor, and secondly, the sulfuric acid vapor condenses to form the sulfuric acid liquid...
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    Sulfuric Acid Cooling System

    The acid cooling system of WSA and SNOX™ The acid cooling system of WSA and SNOX™ plants performs a two-step cooling of the hot product sulfuric acid from the WSA condenser. First, the hot acid is quenched with cold acid, before going to a pump reservoir. Then the acid is pumped through the acid...