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At Topsoe we are committed to conducting our business in a sustainable, responsible and compliant manner. We comply with applicable laws as well as the ethical standards we have defined in our Topsoe Code of Conduct and underlying internal policies and procedures.

Should concerns arise, Topsoe has put in place the Topsoe Compliance Hotline, a secure industry-standard third-party administered system to report and evaluate concerns through. We recommend that you provide your contact details when using the Hotline, but if you prefer to remain anonymous, you have the option to use the Secure Postbox, which enables you to answer any additional questions while keeping your anonymity. Our Topsoe Compliance Hotline is for our employees, suppliers, contractors, customers and others who engage with Topsoe.

All reported concerns are strictly confidential. You can find more information by accessing the Hotline here:

Access Topsoe Compliance Hotline
Report your concern

and reviewing the Hotline Privacy Policy here:

Hotline Privacy Policy

In the Compliance Hotline, you can report serious concerns such as suspicion of bribery, fraud, theft, sexual harassment, violence or other serious violations of laws and safety requirements.

You should always consider if you have taken all reasonable steps to clarify your concern or suspicion with your manager, HR or Corporate Compliance & CSR before using the Hotline.

Also please note that matters such as bullying, dissatisfaction with wages, use of internet etc., should not be reported through the Compliance Hotline. They should be discussed with your local management or HR.
Ensuring your confidentiality and anonymity is a key priority for Topsoe. For all reported concerns we will safeguard any personal information about both the submitter and the person the concern is about.

We recommend that you provide your contact details, or open a Secure Postbox.

All reports are responded to immediately, and reports are only stored as long as they are still evaluated and investigated. In the event an investigation is reported to the police, data might be stored for a longer period.
When you file a report, you have the option to open a Secure Postbox, which enables you to answer potential questions while staying anonymous. We recommend that you make yourself available for questions from the Investigation team, as this helps in a potential investigation.

When you create a Secure Postbox, you choose a password and are provided a case number. You must use the case number and password to log in to the Secure Postbox to see if you have received any questions.

Regardless of whether you remain anonymous, we ask you to open a Secure Postbox. This makes it safer and easier for us to communicate.