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The Circular Plastic Podcast

The world is transitioning from a linear to a sustainable circular plastic economy. We want to enable your business to join the transition and deliver on the new world targets. This podcast brings you the most recent knowledge and best practices of the circular plastic economy. Topsoe Product Line Director, Milica Folić, is joined by major market players and industry experts to dive into a broad spectrum of circular plastic topics. Together, they will cover latest trends within feedstock and plastic types, legislation and politics, and much more.

The circular plastic podcast is part of Topsoe HowTalk™, which invites you into the discussion on the global decarbonization challenge. Topsoe and key experts shine the light on how different pathways can reduce carbon emissions in the hard-to-abate industries.

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Which future recycling methods will drive a circular plastic economy?
Which future recycling methods will drive a circular plastic economy?
Circular Plastic Podcast
Season 1 | Episode 5
To deliver on the goals for the circular plastic economy, we need research to discover new technologies and processes for the effective recycling of plastic waste. This episode brings you a glimpse of the potential future methods for utilizing plastic waste as a resource. Our guest, Kevin Van Geem, shares his and his teams’ latest research on how to make the plastic industry more sustainable. He will cover the usage of steam crackers and pyrolysis, and their discovered challenges associated with using pyrolysis oil instead of e.g., virgin naphtha as steam cracker feedstock. 
Legislation – a driving force in plastic recycling
Legislation – a driving force in plastic recycling
Circular Plastic Podcast
Season 1 | Episode 3
Legislation is a necessary driver of a circular plastic economy. So, in this episode Milica Folić and guest Sylvan Verdier break down the current legislation on recycled plastic. Europe is frontrunner on plastic recycling and regulation, so the legislation in the EU serves as the starting point for their conversation. Describing the key regulations already in place or being discussed, Milica and Sylvain cover the “full circle” from plastic waste and back to plastic.  

Milica Folić

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