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Topsoe is a leading global provider of technology and solutions for the energy transition. We combat climate change by helping our customers and partners achieve their decarbonization and emission reduction goals.

Based on decades of scientific research and innovation, we offer world leading solutions for transforming renewable resources into fuels and chemicals for a sustainable world, and for efficient and low-carbon fuel production and clean air.

We were founded in 1940 and are headquartered in Denmark, with over 2,800 employees serving customers all around the globe.


It’s a life-force. The heartbeat of modern living.

But that way of life has created our biggest challenge.
Climate change.
And now energy needs to be a key to the solution.

Decades of research and innovation has given us the
power to transform energy.
From one form to another.
To be ever-more efficient, higher quality and accessible,
how and when it matters.

Today we need to use all our expertise and intelligence
to take energy even further.
To solve. To produce fuels for net zero.
E-fuels. Low carbon fuels. Renewable fuels.

With technology and solutions, we’ll make the 
energy transition happen.
And that’s what we do.
Every day, every action, every idea.
Focussing all our energy around
Making energy transition.


Topsoe is founded on a passion for science and a determination to change the world for the better. Through our technologies and solutions, we are able to support the world’s transition to a more sustainable future. We measure the value we create on our ability to deliver positive impact for society, our company and our people.

Our technologies and solutions transform energy feedstocks into fuels, chemicals and clean air in optimized processes with limited carbon impact. We enable the decarbonization of the energy-intensive industries and long-distance transportation, and limit the global need for conventional energy, contributing directly to realizing 10 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Our value proposition rests on decades of relentless pursuit for perfect technology and chemical processes, based on science and research. As a company we are committed to reaching net zero in 2040, and to help enable the global ambition for net zero in 2050. We realize that no company can achieve this alone. Success depends on resources, strategic partnerships and stakeholder dialogues to move the decarbonization agenda forward.


Perfecting chemistry for a better world

Chemistry is behind almost any product or fuel that defines the way we live today, and it will be just as important in shaping the future. With our deep insight into chemistry, Topsoe has an important role to play in the transition.


We're Here For How

A world of energy transition possibilities awaits.
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