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 Demand for rechargeable batteries is increasing substantially. With the increase comes a requirement for developing more sustainable and cost-effective materials for them. Forward-thinking companies are focusing on reducing critical and hazardous materials while bringing down cost and maintaining safe and powerful battery performance. 

We have developed best-in-class LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 (LNMO) cathode active materials (CAM). LNMO address these important product requirements and will enable producers to meet the stringent demands of the future and drive your lithium-ion battery production and offerings toward new heights. 

LNMO cathode active materials – for next generation rechargeable batteries  

LNMO is a cobalt-free high-voltage (5V) spinel for use in next-generation lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. It will bring performance on par with state-of-the-art high nickel lithium-ion batteries but at a much lower cost​ and with substantial environmental gains in the supply chain. 

5 advantages of our LNMO cathode materials include: 

1. A sustainable alternative to today’s mainstream lithium-ion battery chemistries 
LNMO enables water-based electrode preparation, uses more abundant manganese, is free of cobalt and has low nickel content. This makes the LNMO a long-term and effective method for reducing critical and hazardous materials in your supply chain and prepare early on for the tightened regulatory demands of the future. 

2. The flexibility to optimize your battery pack design with higher voltage or fewer cells 
The high working potential requires fewer cells to reach the same voltage. This provides equipment manufactures with the flexibility to choose a battery pack with the same voltage, and fewer cells, or increase the voltage with same number of cells. Regardless of your choice, your equipment will be allowed to operate more efficiently. 
3. Excellent price-performance ratio
Delivering high energy density using 64% less nickel, 30% less lithium and 100% less cobalt compared to NMC-811.


4. High discharge rates and fast battery charging  
A stable, 3-dimensional LNMO spinel structure enables high discharge rates and fast battery charging. 

5. Engineered materials 
Tunable chemistry and poly- and single crystalline particles tailored to application specific requirements are key parameters when optimizing your cathode for energy and power.  

Learn more about the unique performance characteristics of the LNMO cathode material in this blog post.

Partnering with us means partnering with the most advanced LNMO producer for the security to drive your company toward a more rewarding future. 

The on-going production scale-up means we will be able to support you with ton-scale production of LNMO from our pilot plant in 2023. 

R&D investments into customer programs 

We invest substantial R&D efforts into customer-specific programs, to jointly engineer the specific battery solution that will keep you at the forefront of lithium-ion battery performance. Successful battery development derives from close collaboration between the customer, the cell manufacturer, and the battery chemistry supplier.  

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