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Topsoe corporate governance

Topsoe Corporate Governance refers to the way the Topsoe Group is led and controlled. Supported by our Code of Conduct and the Topsoe Spirit our global interactions are aimed at delivering optimal solutions to our customers. 

Compliance & behavior

Topsoe strives to perform its activities in an innovative, compliant and socially responsible way. External regulations and expectations are monitored on an ongoing basis and implemented through the Topsoe Code of Conduct and underlying internal policies and procedures in order to comply with international laws and regulations.

The Topsoe Spirit is our value-based guiding principles. It expresses the company’s character and values and lays the foundation for our decisions and actions, reminding us who we are, where we come from, and where we are headed.

Shareholders and society

The Topsoe Governance model is implemented to secure the needed oversight of business and related activities. As an organization, we hold ourselves accountable to shareholders and other stakeholders for our performance.

Topsoe is owned by Haldor Topsøe Holding A/S (70%) and Temasek (30%). The company remains fully committed to our long-term growth strategy and the continued development of the company in the spirit of our founder.

Topsoe has a longstanding history of supporting society locally where we do business – this has for years materialized in donations and local community support for homeless children and to provide education.

Assurance & development

Topsoe takes pride in delivering high professional standards in our work as well as our solutions, and allocate resources to support efficient audit and review visits from authorities and clients as well as annual financial audits by independent external auditors. Topsoe maintains certificates related to e.g. quality, environment and health & safety, and strive to continuously improve and develop our processes, systems and people.

Topsoe corporate governance model