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What could add full feedstock flexibility to your refinery?

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Future-proof your biorefinery with a proven process allowing for new revenue streams



Add full feedstock flexibility to your refinery

Fuel for thought


HydroFlex™ Fuel for thought

Processing renewable feedstocks is complex

They can be converted to biofuels in many different ways, with a wide range of feedstocks. Because of this diversity, unit design is crucial – as is selecting and loading the right catalysts.

Today, most countries have restrictions on how much biodiesel can be blended into diesel, since the properties of fossil and biodiesel are not identical.

In the US, RFS2 (Renewable Fuel Standard 2) requires refineries to blend 36 billion gallons of renewable fuel into the country's total transportation fuels consumption by 2022. In Europe, RED (Renewable Energy Directive) requires all EU countries to ensure that at least 10% of their transport fuels come from renewable fuel sources by 2020. This has led many refiners to revamp their biodiesel production plants and use processes like our HydroFlex™ solution.

Although legislation concerning renewable feedstock is relatively recent, we are ready to help you meet demands for modern, high-grade biofuels today. With HydroFlex™ technology, renewable and non-renewable feedstocks thrive alongside each other. You can leverage our know-how to produce renewable fuels, future-proof your refinery and grow your business.

When it comes to renewable fuels, Topsoe has the in-depth chemical processing expertise and experience needed to deliver the complete package. Our track record of developing innovative solutions for clean, competitive fuels from renewable feedstock dates back to 2004.

Work with us to take your plant to the next level with improved technology and catalysts, all while gaining access to the know-how and services needed for business success.



With HydroFlex™, you can turn practically any renewable feedstock into an on-spec fuel. Future-proof your refinery against changing demands and take advantage of new opportunities to extend your market share and expand your business.

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