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Go solve

We’re problem solvers. People who believe that impossible is just a state of mind and that challenges are there to be overcome. We’re working together to apply our knowledge to rewrite the future of green energy - just as we found solutions to acid rain and new ways to counter the threat of a global food crisis. In every corner of our business, in every role and office, you’ll find people who are committed to finding answers. Let’s go solve.

Founded on a belief in better
Over 80 years ago our founder established the beliefs and foundations of a business that would question the limits of possibility and inspire others to think further.

Join a community of collaborators
We believe that great results start with a collaborative community. That’s why we’re committed to maintaining a culture where everyone is respected, and ideas can come from anywhere.

Grow with the best
Whether you’re in a science, engineering, or a business-based role - what truly unites us all is the passion to continually perfect our craft and be the best at what we do.

Success, measured in impact
We’re a business obsessed by real change and that takes true commitment. It demands constant urgency and focus - actions that can be measured in real impact, not hollow promises.

Working at Topsoe

How is it to work in Topsoe's catalyst plant?
How is it to work in Topsoe's catalyst plant? "If you have an idea that could help the production go even faster, better and safer, there’s a really short way from the idea to the actual implementation," says Steffen, Production Coordinator in ...
From pressure vessels to heat exchangers
From pressure vessels to heat exchangers Yvette designs heat exchangers in her daily work but that's not what she always did. See how her drive and interest in new areas led to challenging and rewarding tasks. Check out our current ...
What is technology?
What is technology? In Topsoe we design industrial plants situated all over the world. Each plant is unique and tailor-made to meet our customers' needs. But how do we go about an engineering project? What does it ...