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You will gain an in-depth look into the characteristics of the catalysts as well as the reactions that occur. 

Based on this, you will learn about the general optimal operating conditions of the catalysts, as well as the typical operational challenges which plants face for the different catalysts. Some process aspects are also covered, but the main focus will be on the catalysts. 

What does the Training Course cover?

  • Insight into the catalysts in your plant, their composition, and the reactions they catalyze

  • Recommendations on how to improve your catalyst operation, lifetime, and conversion rates

  • Understanding of how to assess the performance of the catalysts

  • A look into some of the common operational challenges and catalyst related issues you may encounter and how to solve them

  • Catalyst loading design for hdp units


The duration of the course is 1 day (8 hours incl. breaks)

This Topsoe Academy course is Day 2 of the Operator Training course