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    Formaldehyde synthesis catalyst

    Designed to meet your business and technical needs, the FK-100 formaldehyde catalyst delivers a unique combination of high intrinsic selectivity, outstanding stability and operational flexibility. Add in our individually tailored loading patterns and plant optimization advice, and you’ll see how the FK-100 is the most compelling formaldehyde catalyst on the market today.


    • Higher selectivity
    • Higher yield
    • Lower by-product formation
    • Operational flexibility

    Higher formaldehyde yields

    Our latest-generation FK-100 formaldehyde catalyst features a carefully optimized formulation of molybdenum oxide and iron oxide that dramatically reduces CO and DME by-product formation. This, combined with an optimized structure, shape and composition, means exceptional selectivity – with
    yields typically exceeding 93% at 98.5% conversion. 

    Extended catalyst lifetime 

    Manufacturing and composition optimizations have enabled us to reduce the FK-100’s hotspot temperature by 15–20°C compared to previous generation catalysts. A lower hotspot temperature means uniform temperature profiles in the catalyst tubes and minimized catalyst degradation, and this has lowered the pressure drop rate and extended the lifetime of the catalyst.

    Operational flexibility

    The FK-100 catalyst easily accommodates the considerable fluctuations in humidity, ambient temperatures and methanol feed that plants can experience, further enhancing flexibility while reducing plant downtime.

    Loading and other optimization advice

    To keep your reactor performing optimally, your loading pattern and operating parameters must reflect both plant conditions and product requirements. TOPSOE™ engineers are always standing by to help you tailor your loading pattern to fit specific requirements and to provide supervisory assistance during loading.