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Tubular reforming catalyst

A non-alkali catalyst for steam reforming.


R-67-7H is unreduced and used in tubular reformers downstream a pre-reformer or for steam reforming of light feedstocks such as natural gas. For reforming of feedstocks ranging from heavy natural gas to LPG and for operation under high heat flux conditions such as in top-fired steam reformers, R-67-7H is used in the bottom of the reformer tubes in combination with TOPSOE™’s series of alkali-promoted catalysts. R-67-7H is delivered in a pre-reduced version for fast start-up.

High and stable activity

R-67-7H is the most active in TOPSOE™’s reforming catalyst portfolio and is used where activity is prioritized.

The base material of the R-67-7H carrier is magnesium aluminum spinel, a ceramic inert oxide of the spinel family known for excellent stability over the entire temperature range. The carrier is manufactured using a process that optimizes porosity and pore size distribution, resulting in a very high catalyst surface area. The large surface area and the mechanical stability of the carrier give the catalyst a very high and stable activity, which ensures that the reforming reaction is close to equilibrium at the outlet of the reformer.