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R-87 HEAT-X™

Heat exchange reforming catalyst

R-87 HEAT-X™ is a nickel based non-alkali catalyst for heat exchange steam reforming.


R-87 HEAT-X™ is unreduced and used in the lower part of heat exchange reformers. For lighter natural gas feed or downstream a pre-reformer, R-87 HEAT-X™ is used below a layer of R-87R HEAT-X™, while for heavier feeds, a layer of RK-21 HEAT-X™ is loaded between the two layers.

High and stable activity

R-87 HEAT-X™ is optimized to give optimal performance at heat exchange reforming operation.

The R-87 HEAT-X™ carrier is magnesium aluminum spinel, a ceramic inert oxide of the spinel family known for excellent stability at heat exchange reforming conditions. The carrier is manufactured using a process that optimizes porosity and pore size distribution, resulting in a very high catalyst surface area. The large surface area and the mechanical stability of the carrier give the catalyst a very high and stable activity, which ensures that the reforming reaction is close to equilibrium at the outlet of the reformer.