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Heat exchange reforming catalyst

R-87R HEAT-X™ is a nickel-based non-alkali pre-reduced catalyst for heat exchange steam reforming.


R-87R HEAT-X™ is used in the upper part of heat exchange reformers.

Pre-reduced, high-activity and fast start-up

R-87R HEAT-X is pre-reduced and used as the top layer in the heat exchange reformer tubes in combination with R-87 HEAT-X™ or with both RK-21 HEAT-X™ and R-87 HEAT-X™. By using R-87R HEAT-X™ in the top of the tubes, the reforming process is initiated immediately when exposed to process gas. The pre-reduced R-87R HEAT-X™ is also well suited for low inlet temperature due to a special manufacturing technique. An additional advantage of R-87R HEAT-X™ is the reduction of the catalyst at TOPSOE™’s production facilities in dry hydrogen at an optimal temperature, which results in higher activity than what could be obtained by in-situ reduction.