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Alkali promoted tubular reforming catalyst

Low alkali catalyst for steam reforming.


RK-201 is used in tubular reformers for steam reforming of feedstocks ranging from natural gas to naphtha. In naphtha applications, RK-201 is installed in the bottom of the reformer tubes. For other applications, RK-201 is installed below the prereduced version RK-211 and above a non-alkali catalyst like R-67-7H.

Low alkali and high activity

The low alkali catalysts RK-201 and RK-211 contain approximately half a percent potassium oxide and are suitable for processing heavy natural gas and LPG, whereas the high alkali catalysts, with more than one percent potassium oxide, are capable of handling naphtha feedstocks.

The alkali content on the catalysts has been optimized and is generally lower than seen for other alkali-promoted catalysts on the market. Since the alkali has a negative impact on the catalyst activity, the relatively low alkali content is preferable to ensure a high activity of the catalyst. Still, the alkali content on the catalysts is sufficiently high to ensure carbon free operation in a steam reformer. The alkali content is so low that fouling of waste heat boilers can be excluded.