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Heat exchange reforming catalyst

RK-21 HEAT-X™ is a nickel based low-alkali catalyst for heat exchange steam reforming.


RK-21 HEAT-X™ is used in heat exchange reformers for steam reforming of heavier natural gas. RK‑21 HEAT-X™ is installed below the prereduced R-87R HEAT-X™ and above the non-alkali catalyst R-87 HEAT-X™.

High activity and high carbon resistance

The low alkali catalysts RK-21 HEAT-X™ contains approximately half a percent potassium oxide and is used for processing heavier natural gas and LPG at the positions in the reformer where there is a risk of carbon formation.

The alkali content on the catalyst has been optimized to give both high activity and high carbon resistance. The optimized low alkali content ensures carbon free operation while still avoiding fouling of downstream equipment.