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Alkali promoted tubular reforming catalyst

High alkali pre-reduced catalyst for steam reforming of naphtha feedstocks.


RK-212 is used in tubular reformers for steam reforming of naphtha feedstocks. RK-212 is installed above the unreduced version RK-202 and a low alkali catalyst like RK-201.

Naphtha Reforming

The alkali content on the RK-212 and RK-202 catalysts has been optimized and is generally lower than seen for other alkali-promoted catalysts on the market. Since the alkali has a negative impact on the catalyst activity, the relatively low alkali content is preferable to ensure a high activity of the catalyst. Still, the alkali content on the RK-212 and RK-202 catalysts is sufficiently high to ensure carbon-free operation in a steam reformer. The alkali content is so low that fouling of waste heat boilers basically can be excluded.

RK-212 is delivered pre-reduced and in addition to potassium, are also promoted with a noble metal. This feature of the catalyst makes it especially suited for the inlet conditions in a steam reforming furnace, where low temperatures are prevailing. The superior ability of RK-212 to operate at the low temperatures in the top of the catalyst tube is the result of a special manufacturing technique and the addition of a noble metal promoter. An additional advantage is that the catalysts have been reduced in TOPSOE™’s production facilities in dry hydrogen at an optimal temperature, which results in higher activity than what could be obtained by in-situ reduction.