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Alkali promoted tubular reforming catalyst

Low alkali catalyst for steam reforming.


RK-400 is used in tubular reformers for steam reforming of feedstocks ranging from natural gas to LPG. RK-400 is installed below the prereduced version RK-400R and above a non-alkali catalyst like R-67-7H.

Latest generation of low alkali catalysts

The RK-400 catalyst is the latest generation of TOPSOE™’s low alkali catalysts and offers remarkable improvements in both catalyst activity and resistance to carbon formation compared to conventional alkali-promoted products. Alkali promoters are used in nickel-based steam reforming catalysts to suppress harmful carbon formation. In a conventional promoted catalyst, some alkali is released during operation, and extra alkali must be on the catalyst such that a sufficient amount is present after years of operation. The disadvantage of alkali addition is a decrease in reforming activity, but TOPSOE™ researchers have found a unique solution to this problem. In RK-400, the alkali content is higher than in TOPSOE™’s other low-alkali products, but the majority is incorporated in the carrier and thus does not affect activity. The result is a catalyst that provides superior protection against carbon formation in conjunction with enhanced catalyst activity and lifetime.

Used in process

Dimethyl Ether Methanol Ammonia Hydrogen Syngas

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