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Sour shift catalyst

SSK-10 is a CoMo-based sour shift catalyst, which is equally suitable for HTS, MTS and LTS applications.

The SSK-10 sour shift catalyst can be used in wide range of chemical plants based on gasification of coal or petcoke, e.g. hydrogen, ammonia, methanol or SNG plants.

SSK-10 can also be used in gasification based power plants (IGCC), where it will boost the efficiency of carbon capture & storage (CCS) and thereby help reduce the carbon footprint of the plants.

Benefits of SSK-10’s superior activity

The defining feature of the SSK-10 catalyst is its superior activity, which results in a number of benefits for its users.

The high activity results in a long catalyst lifetime and opens up for the possibility of short-loading existing reactors.

Furthermore, the high activity allows operation at lower temperatures, which results in a higher conversion of CO and thereby a higher production and efficiency of the plant.

The ability to operate at lower temperature also reduces the steam requirement to achieve a given CO conversion. This reduction represents significant savings in plant operating costs, especially where the cost of steam addition is high.

Protection from Ni-carbonyl

SSK-10 is also available in a specialized high void version, which gives unmatched protection against any Ni-carbonyl present in the raw gas from the gasification unit.

Protection from dust

If dust or other impurities are present in the raw process gas, the GSSK sour shift guard material can be used to effectively protect the downstream SSK-10 catalyst.

Conversion of COS

SSK-10 will convert carbonyl sulfide (COS) to hydrogen sulfide (H2S), but the conversion will be limited by the equilibrium at the outlet of the sour shift section. If further reduction of the COS content is required, the CKA-3 COS hydrolysis catalyst can be used in combination with the sour shift section.