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Hydrogenation catalyst

TK-240 is a hydrogenation catalyst developed by TOPSOE™ for syngas applications. The cobalt-molybdenum-based catalyst efficiently converts organic sulfur and olefins, thereby protecting downstream catalysts. 
By selecting TK-240, long catalyst lifetimes can be achieved in the hydrogenation section, and downstream catalysts will benefit from the excellent protection of TK-240.


TK-240 is used for hydrogenation of sulfur, chlorine and unsaturated compounds in hydrocarbon feeds ranging from natural gas to naphtha.

High hydrogenation activity

TK-240 is based on an alumina carrier with an optimized pore structure that facilitates easy access to the active cobalt and molybdenum sites. The active metals are finely dispersed on the alumina carrier, which provides TK-240 with a high hydrogenation activity.

Optimized shape

TK-240 is manufactured in an asymmetric quadralobe shape, which results in a low pressure drop across the catalyst bed. Furthermore, the quadralobe shape enhances the effective catalyst activity by providing a large external surface area and minimizing the diffusion distance inside the catalyst pellets.