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Topsoe ClearView®

Meet your targets every day

ClearView® is a breakthrough service that enables us to gather critical data from your plant, error-correct the data, apply our simulation tools and experience, and deliver performance-enhancing insights straight to process engineers and managers. The service also includes supplementary support and advice from our experts. By error-correcting and analyzing your plant’s data in the cloud, and making insights and recommendations readily available, ClearView® gives you greater certainty that you’ll maintain reliability while meeting your production and energy-consumption targets every day.

How it works

ClearView® starts by taking data continuously sent to the Cloud from your plant, applying error-detection and -correction algorithms to improve the accuracy of this data, and then calculating your plant’s “true” operating parameters. Using a “Digital Twin” of the plant, ClearView® then applies proprietary simulation and modeling tools to determine how to improve production and reduce energy consumption, given the actual constraints in your plant. Via intuitive online dashboards, ClearView® shows the plant’s “true” operating conditions, recommends measures that can help optimize performance, alerts plant engineers regarding potential trouble ahead, and recommends countermeasures. Our engineers will follow your plant’s performance and engage in proactive, continuous dialogue with plant engineers to make sure insights are turned into action in the best possible manner.

Operational benefits

  • Meet your performance targets for your catalysts, systems or entire plant with actionable insights and recommendations based on up-to-date, accurate data.
  • Reduce the risk of unplanned shutdowns by receiving early warnings regarding issues you can remedy before they become real problems.
  • Get clarification, verification and follow-up from our experienced engineers, who have access to your online dashboards and will guide you in taking the right actions.

Business benefits

  • Get a serious leg up on the competition by better leveraging your investment in technology and catalysts.
  • Gain an additional means of improving understanding and building skills among your plant operators and less-experienced engineers.
  • Start your “Digital Plant” journey more easily and affordably, with a clear scope and no extensive internal projects or organizational changes required.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is ClearView®?

A: ClearView® is a Connected Services solution based on cloud-based analytics and expert support. Plant operating data is automatically uploaded to cloud-based simulation tools and analytics software using Topsoe’s proprietary models within catalysis and process design. The results are visualized through online dashboards, giving an easy overview of how to optimize plant operation and avoid potential trouble with respect to both individual catalyst and equipment performance, as well as overall plant optimization. The online dashboards are monitored by our experts, ensuring close collaboration with a focus on optimizing overall plant KPIs as production, operating cost, specific net energy consumption (SNEC), and uptime.

Q: What value does ClearView® create for me?

A: With ClearView® your plant data is error-corrected, improving the accuracy of your data, and subsequently analyzed in the Cloud. This way, recommendations for early-warnings and optimization as well as actionable insights are readily available. ClearView® gives you greater certainty to maintain reliability while meeting your daily production and energy-consumption targets.

ClearView® being a “plug & play” solution means you can have it up-and-running without large resource allocations from your side.

Q: What is the calculation engine behind ClearView®?

A: Topsoe’s proprietary calculation tools are used for data reconciliation, simulation, and optimization calculations. The same tools are used for the design of our plants/units, to carry out revamp studies, and to predict performance.

Q: Is ClearView® only a digital solution or am I also able to connect with Topsoe experts?

A: Actually, proactive interaction between plant engineers and our experts is an integrated part of ClearView®. The software is an important tool to identify areas where plant operation can be optimized and detect process-related operating conditions before they potentially become critical.

Q: How does ClearView® change the way we collaborate with Topsoe?

A: ClearView® is a new way of working much closer and more efficient with Topsoe. A team of our experts and the plant engineers will use the Cloud-based ClearView® software as a tool supporting joint collaboration with focus on plant optimization. ClearView® uses our proprietary calculation engine to continuously give recommendations through its dashboard interface.

Q: Will there be any downtime when installing ClearView®?

A: No, your plant does not need to shut down when installing ClearView® as the software is offered online and does not require installation of any additional sensors or instruments. It is a matter of connecting to the operating data historian and possibly, a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) with our secure Cloud solution.

Q: Will we have to invest in advanced technology such as faster computers or new sensors in order to use ClearView®?

A: No, ClearView® does not require any major investment. The only equipment that may be required on site is a local server, which is a normal PC to which the connection is established.

Q: How much training will our staff need in order to start using ClearView®?

A: There is no need for extensive training before starting to use ClearView®. On the other hand, ClearView® can actually be seen as a learning tool helping improve the competencies within plant operation and optimization for younger plant engineers and operators. The plant users will work closely with Topsoe engineers when using the software, so any questions can be answered on an ongoing basis.

Q: How can ClearView® help my junior engineers get up to speed quickly?

A: ClearView® will help keep your plant running optimally. Furthermore, the solution has built in fault models with extensive operational know-how and expert knowledge, ensuring early detection of problems and providing an overview of underperforming assets with embedded root-cause analysis and recommendations. This will provide plant engineers and operators with relevant information in the form of easy-to-understand theoretical background as well as best-industry-practice advice. Combined with the day-to-day communication with our experts, this will ensure a steep learning curve for less experienced engineers and operators.

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