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This training course covers essential aspects of troubleshooting, safety measures in hydroprocessing units, emergency procedures, and strategies for increasing profitability in process plants. Participants will learn to identify and address troubles, understand the layers of safeguards, handle emergency situations effectively, and explore avenues for enhancing profitability with varying levels of investment. 

What does the training course cover?

  •  Troubleshooting: Delves deeply into the are of troubleshooting by leveraging real experiences gained from running units. Through active listening and engagement, participants receive personalized assistance to boost the reliability of their units. The session concentrates on dissecting typical operational issues within teams, exploring their underlying causes, and collaboratively devising effective remedies. This comprehensive approach ensures that participants not only understand the root causes of problems but also acquire practical skills to resolve them. 

  • Safeguards in hydroprocessing units: Delves into the critical understanding of safeguards within hydroprocessing units. Participants are guided through a detailed examination of each safeguard layer, ranging from instrumentation to pressure safety valves (PSVs) and operator interventions. This comprehensive knowledge serves as the corner stone for ensuring safe operations and making informed decisions during emergency situations, highlighting its pivotal role in safeguarding personnel, the environment, and the integrity of the refining process.

  • Emergency cases: Providing hands-on training in fundamental procedures such as hot re-starts, cold re-starts, and depressurization. By immersing participants in simulated emergency cases, the course equips operators with a profound understanding of operational protocols, empowering them to safeguard health, environmental integrity, and process unit stability during various upsets. This comprehensive approach ensures readiness and efficacy in responding to emergencies, thereby mitigating risks and enhancing overall operational resilience. 

  • Increasing the profitability: Addresses the challenges of enhancing profitability in process plants, even with limited investment resources. By categorizing profitability options into three tiers based on investment levels, participants gain insights into strategies ranging from high investment to zero investment. This structured approach enables process engineers to identify and implement cost-effective measures to improve plant profitability, fostering a culture of innovation and efficiency without significant financial outlay.


Prerequisites: Mimimum 3 years of experience working with hydroprocessing units.



The duration of the course is 1 day (8 hours incl. breaks)