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Understanding how critical equipment is affected by aggressive components and operational failures can help you prevent damage and increase the lifetime of your plant. This tailored course reviews critical factors that affect the lifetime of your equipment, the various damage mechanisms at work in your plant, and how to protect equipment and maximize the lifetime of your plant as whole. 

As with all TOPSOE™ technical training, this course leverages our unique position as both catalyst supplier and technology licensor to give you efficiency-boosting insight you won’t find anywhere else.

What does the Training Course cover?

  • A walk-through of how different plant damage mechanisms influence the integrity of your plant
  • Insight into how operational parameters can increase the risk of corrosion and damage to key equipment
  • Recommendations on how to minimize or avoid the effects of damage mechanisms
  • Understanding of instances where different operational parameters influence the selection of equipment materials
  • Insight into how to evaluate the degree of damage and assess the remaining lifetime of key equipment 

We recommend that you have attended the Catalyst Theory & Operation course and the General Plant Optimization course and passed both Certification Exams


The duration of the course is 1 day (8 hours incl. breaks)