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Knowledge is power, and the better you understand how your plant works, the more the plant will benefit. By improving your understanding of basic plant design and process-catalyst interaction, the TOPSOETM General Plant Understanding training course will make sure you understand the key parameters and control philosophy of your plant. 

Balancing theory and real-life cases, our flexible, tailored General Plant Understanding course gives you a basic insight into how your plant is designed and how your catalysts and processes work together. This will enable you to learn more – and more quickly – as you go about your work and take part in on-the-job training. As with all TOPSOE™ technical training, this course leverages our unique position as both catalyst supplier and technology licensor to give you efficiency-boosting insight you won’t find anywhere else.

What does the Training Course cover?
  • A walk-through of all plant processes
  • Understanding of flowsheets
  • Theoretical insight into the catalysts installed throughout the plant
  • Knowledge about the mechanical design of key equipment such as reformers and converters


The duration of the course is 1 day (8 hours incl. breaks)

This Topsoe Academy course is Day 1 of the Operator Training course