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May 13, 2019

Haldor Topsoe launches ClearView® Hydrogen – a connected service for more reliability in hydrogen plants

  • ClearView® Hydrogen is a complete connected plant service that leverages the power of continuous upload of data to offer plant owners improved asset utilization, energy savings, and less unplanned downtime.
  • Based on a stream of comprehensive data from the plant, modelling and analytical software proactively alerts plant personnel of operational issues and continually suggests optimization opportunities.
  • In March, the ClearView® Ammonia service was introduced as the first of a number of planned connected services from Topsoe.

ClearViewHydrogenThe ClearView® Hydrogen service delivers performance-enhancing insights straight to the plant’s process engineers and managers. The insights are produced by applying Haldor Topsoe’s unique tools and experience to the validated operating data from the plant. As part of the service, Topsoe engineers follow plant performance and proactively guide the customers’ plant engineers in optimizing performance and quickly addressing operational issues.

“Reliable hydrogen production is a critical production parameter for refineries. So we are extremely pleased to offer our customers a service that puts our decades of experience at their fingertips every hour of every day. ClearView® applies Topsoe’s unique insights and allows our experts to work more closely with plant engineers to meet critical performance targets and reduce the risk of unplanned shutdowns,” says Michael Fjording, Director, Connected Services, Haldor Topsoe.

Haldor Topsoe’s proprietary modelling and simulation tools have been continually updated and refined to design increasingly energy-efficient and reliable plants. With the ClearView® Hydrogen service, Topsoe customers can now benefit from these advanced tools and increase the reliability of their hydrogen plants.

ClearView® services are using Honeywell’s cloud-based software platform and tools. Honeywell Connected Plant solutions are well-proven, as such solutions have been deployed or are in the process of being deployed in more than 60 customers’ process units.

“We are excited that the second ClearView® solution has been launched to support refineries and chemical producers in getting a more reliable hydrogen supply. The ClearView® service is a great addition to the Honeywell Connected Plant partner ecosystem and brings the deep domain expertise of Topsoe into a growing partner network,” says Christophe Romatier, Product Line Director, Honeywell Connected Performance Services.

The first ClearView® service was launched in March 2019, specifically developed to boost ammonia production. ClearView® services for other segments in the chemical and refining industries will follow.


How the ClearView service works

1) At the plant site, operating data is continuously collected and sent to the ClearView® service in the cloud.

2) ClearView® uses error-detection and -correction algorithms to improve the accuracy of data and calculates the plant’s current operating parameters.

3) The ClearView® service then feeds the data through the “digital twin” made up of Topsoe’s proprietary simulation and modeling tools to determine how to improve production and catalyst utilization, and reduce energy consumption.

4) Via intuitive online dashboards, the ClearView® service shows the plant’s current operating conditions, recommends measures to optimize performance, alerts users to potential problems, and guides users to actionable countermeasures.

5) Topsoe engineers follow plant performance and engage into proactive, continuous dialogue with plant engineers to ensure that insights are turned into action in the best possible way.

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ClearView Hydrogen - New Connected Service




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