Our logo is the cornerstone of our brand. It represents not only our company, but also our founder.

Here you will find our logo in various formats for download. Please also note our guiding principles for use of the Topsoe logo below.

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  Digital Print
Haldor Topsoe logo positive
HT logo RGB.jpg
HT logo RGB.png

HT logo CMYK.eps

Haldor Topsoe logo negative
HT logo Negative.png HT logo Negative.eps

Logo variations

Our logo consists of both typography and a graphical element; these two parts may never be separated. The graphical element must never be used alone.

Our logo is global and used worldwide, thus must not be translated into i.e. Cyrillic or Chinese.

The Topsoe logo can be used in white, Topsoe Royal Blue and black (the latter only in very special cases where the materials are developed in pure black & white).

When using the logo, always ensure that the H in the graphical element is white (no matter what the background is).

Do not stretch, rotate, alter, distort, skew, recolor, or recreate the Topsoe logo in any way.


Haldor Topsoe logo variations


The logo may be placed on various backgrounds. However, the background should always provide contrast for legibility.


Haldor Topsoe logo backgrounds

Minimum size

We have a minimum size requirement for both print and digital use of our logo which ensures readability. It also ensures the graphical element of our logo does not become illegible.


Haldor Topsoe logo minimum size

Clear space around the logo

Clear space ensures that the logo does not compete with other images, graphics and text, and ensures a powerful and clear visual image.

The logo should always be placed in a prominent position, so it appears clear and distinct. Do not place any text, images or graphics inside the clear space.

The amount of clear space is in direct proportion to the size of the Topsoe logo and must not be altered.


Haldor Topsoe logo clear space around the logo