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Meet your targets every day 

Our connected service platform delivers closer collaboration between your process engineers and Topsoe experts to enhance the overall performance of your unit.

ClearView securely livestreams your unit’s operational data and enriches it using Topsoe proprietary simulation models built on our comprehensive database with both R&D and industrial data. 

By collecting data in one system, insights become more easily accessible – for you and for Topsoe experts. With the ability to remotely access and view the same live data as your process engineers, Topsoe experts can provide smoother and more efficient support to help you meet your targets every day.

Digitally enabled support

Introducing a cloud-based one-stop-shop for data, enabling digital proactiveness and smoother support for your unit, offers three main benefits:

Continuous monitoring and performance review: Continuous, real-time performance assessments supply actionable insights to enhance your operational performance.

Early identification of irregular performance trends: Automated insights on potential operating problems at an early stage enables faster troubleshooting and root cause analysis.

Proactive action recommendations through improved collaborative discussions with Topsoe: Having mutually accessible in-depth data from one single, cloud-based source of information, supports a more efficient performance monitoring and communication from Topsoe experts, ensuring proactive recommendations and support. Direct communication in the platform centralizes all exchanges, establishing one main channel for communication and information sharing.  

 ClearView’s three main features

At-a-glance performance overview

 High-level performance overview tailored to your specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Grants you access to instant data, anywhere and at any time.

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Analytics Dashboards

In-depth data analyzed through Topsoe’s proprietary simulation models provide you with the comprehensive information to fully assess the performance of your unit. The Analytics Dashboard brings you a deeper understanding of trends and patterns, and helps you detect optimization opportunities and anticipate potential operating problems.


Knowledge Hub

Interactive communication platform fostering proactive support and knowledge-sharing, as well as improved collaboration between Topsoe and your process engineers. All knowledge is continuously stored digitally in this fully searchable hub, which makes all insights easily accessible while also ensuring a smooth onboarding during process engineer turnover.

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Collaborating with Topsoe 

Entering a digitally enabled collaboration with Topsoe allows you to better leverage our expertise, transforming your data into actionable insights that can help you meet your targets.

Our proactive support is anchored in the digitally enabled insights in ClearView, as well as our extensive knowledge and experience within both technology and catalysis.

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