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Hydrocracking | Renewables co-processing in hydrocracking

As you plan your transition into the renewable era, it’s important to effectively identify and leverage the production units that best align with your co-processing goals, and to determine the impact that renewable processing will have on your hydrocracking unit’s operation, product quality, and yield.

As the global leader in renewable hydroprocessing solutions, we possess the knowledge, technologies, and support structure needed to quantify your renewable output potential, and optimize your renewable co-processing capabilities accordingly. We’re committed to acting as first-movers within the renewables industry, and with our best-in-class catalysts and unbeatable expertise as the foundation, your existing refinery can successfully implement a high-performance operation, processing greater feedstock volumes to deliver optimal yield and properties.

The result is nothing less than the ability to position your business as a leader in the transition from fossil-hydrocarbon utilization to sustainable long-term production, without jeopardizing the stability, integrity, or safety of your hydrocracking operation.

Read more about co-processing for kerosene hydrotreating 

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