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Off-gas processing | Fuel gas hydrotreating

Fuel gas hydrotreater

Fuel gas hydrotreater process flow

Many refiners face the dual major issues of improving refinery efficiency and reducing emissions.  Topsoe’s new commercially proven fuel gas hydrotreating technology addresses both, by cleaning up dirty refinery fuel gas streams from sulfur compounds which are not ordinarily removed.  This offering confers 2 principal advantages:

  1. The upgraded, clean fuel gas is a new source for hydrogen production.  This is especially valuable if existing natural gas feeds are expensive or unreliable.
  2. Stringent SOx emissions requirements can be met, since organic sulfur always contributes to net emissions.

The licensed  technology handles a wide variety of off-gases (from the coker unit, FCC units, and the hydrotreating units) and consists of three catalytic steps:

  • Diolefin Saturation
  • Sulfur conversion and olefin saturation
  • COS hydrolysis

Topsoe’s customized catalytic solution to clean up refinery fuel gas is the only offering of its kind and is commercially proven to improve refinery operations.

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