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Petrochemical processing | Petrochemical sulfur guards

Operating at lower temperatures can reduce a refinery’s operating costs significantly, but low operating temperatures negatively affect the saturation capabilities of traditional zinc oxide sulfur absorbents.

Able to remove hydrogen sulfide and other sulfurous compounds at temperatures below 150°C (300°F), Topsoe’s sulfur guards protect your downstream catalysts and ensure pipeline specifications, while helping you reduce operating costs. Our guards provide very high sulfur capacity and long life cycles, and are cost-effective and easy to install and operate under a wide range of conditions.

General Technical Service

Topsoe’s General Technical Service employs the full weight of our knowledge and experience to ...

Catalyst Loading

Topsoe’s Catalyst Loading service gives you valuable pre-loading and loading guidance that can help ...

Plant Assessment / Optimization

A Topsoe Plant Assessment/Optimization can identify and help you solve issues standing in the way ...

Sampling & Analysis

Our Sampling & Analysis service is your direct route to the detailed insight it takes to make ...


Our Troubleshooting service draws on the full range of Topsoe’s insight into catalysts, equipment ...

Start-up & Reduction / Activation

Our Start-up & Reduction/Activation service supports you before, during and after start-up to make ...

Project development

We facilitate all relevant contracts to meet both the debt and the equity financing requirements.

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