Topsoe platinum free Base Metal Coating

Diesel engine exhaust particulates constitute a risk to health and environment and are removed by silicon carbide or cordierite filters. With Topsoe platinum free base metal – palladium coating, the regeneration of the filter is done easily and cost effectively.

The passive and forced regeneration with Topsoe BMC-211 is comparable to platinum coated filters and without any oxidation of NO to NO2, but rather a reduction of NO2, which is an acute toxic compound with an unpleasant smell. Furthermore, the Base Metal palladium Coating catalyst oxidizes hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.


Topsoe’s Base Metal Coating catalyst is applicable to any silicon carbide or cordierite filter and exhibits features like:

  • passive regeneration: balance point temperature at 400°C (≈300°C with pre-DOC)
  • fast forced regeneration at 580°C
  • high HC/CO conversion during regeneration
  • 20-90% NO2 removal below 300°C
  • 5-10% reduced NOx emissions
  • thermal durability up to 900°C with interim excursions to even higher temperatures
  • low pressure drop increase
  • cost effective solution – no platinum

The coating of the Topsoe BMC-211 catalyst is unique and consists of several base metal oxides and palladium.

Original equipment manufacturer

The Topsoe BMC-211 catalytic coating in combination with engine management offers a cost advantage in comparison to platinum coated filters. The regeneration properties are comparable and the NO2 emissions are significantly lower than for platinum coatings. Topsoe BMC-211 is well suited for systems with a pre-DOC upstream the filter to comply with the Euro 5 and Euro 6 for passenger cars.


For older buses and trucks, where engine management is often restricted, the regeneration can be assured by use of a fuel borne catalyst. Together with the fuel borne catalyst, the soot can be regenerated down to 250-300°C. With post injection systems, the Topsoe BMC-211 catalytic coating offers an advantageous and cost effective retrofit solution.

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