Methanol decomposition catalyst

The MDK-20 catalyst is used for decomposition of methanol in small scale hydrogen plants.

Methanol decomposition is also sometimes referred to as methanol reforming, methanol steam reforming or methanol cracking.

MDK-20 catalyzes the following reactions:

  • CH3OH --> CO + 2H2
  • CO + H2O --> CO2 + H2

In the first reaction, methanol is decomposed to form carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

In the second reaction, the carbon monoxide reacts with steam, which will ensure maximum utilization of the methanol feed.

MDK-20 can be used in all hydrogen plants based on methanol decomposition, regardless of whether the plant is designed by Topsoe or another technology provider.

MDK-20 is normally used in combination with the MDK-15 guard catalyst.

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