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    TK-441 SiliconTrap™

    Replacing TK-431, TK-441 SiliconTrap™ is a high surface area catalyst for desulfurization of coker naphthas containing up to 11 ppm silicon. The metal loading of TK-441 SiliconTrap™ gives this catalyst a high hydrodesulfurization (HDS) and a high hydrodenitrogenation (HDN) activity. The pure...
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    TK-447 SiliconTrap™

    Replacing TK-437, the new generation TK-447 SiliconTrap™ is a very high surface area catalyst for silicon pick-up and desulfurization of coker naphtha feedstock. This catalyst has a low hydrodesulfurization (HDS) activity and should be used in combination with TK-441 SiliconTrap™ as a guard...
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    TK-449 SiliconTrap™

    Replacing TK-439, TK-449 SiliconTrap™ has the highest silicon pick-up capacity of all the TK-400 series catalysts. This catalyst is used as a guard bed catalyst in units with severe silicon contamination. TK-449 SiliconTrap™ does not contain any metals and should therefore be used in...
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    TK-453 SiliconTrap™

    TK-453 SiliconTrap™ is a NiMo catalyst with very high rates for removal of metals (Ni, V, Fe) and silicon, and it is an excellent guard in hydrotreaters that process heavy feeds. It exhibits moderate hydrodesulfurization (HDS) and hydrodenitrogenation (HDN) activities. The pore size distribution...
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    TK-455 MultiTrap™

    Hydroprocessing catalyst TK-455 MultiTrap™ is a large pore, high-porosity catalyst for trapping silicon and phosphorus in gasoil and vacuum gas oil (VGO) feeds. TK-455 MultiTrap™ is applied in the top bed of hydrotreaters as part of the catalyst grading system. The unique pore system...